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Cooler Master MasterCase Pro 6: Fully customizable homes and out

Cooler Master has just unveiled a new product of modular homes MasterCase family, designed for the user who likes to customize your system.

MasterCase Pro 6 has just been announced also in Italy and is based on the same modular concept of the previous models in the family (in the past, two models: MasterCase 5 Maker and MasterCase Pro 5). The technology is always the FreeForm owns, which allows you to ” customize, adjust and update the homes according to their needs ” without altering the product’s versatility and allowing you to install in all types of components.

Like the other models in the family also MasterCase Pro 6 lets you remove some internal parts without compromising the structural rigidity in order to configure the simply-furnished houses. This way you can choose if you prefer the ability to expand in terms of discs or compatibility with custom liquid cooling systems, move or remove any basket, mount the SSD in different positions, reducing to a minimum the clutter caused by cables.

Esthetically MasterCase Pro 6 is simpler and straightforward shapes than previous models, which are all characterized by a discrete tranquility. But the inside are ” revolutionary technical solutions, ” says Cooler Master. For example, the side panels that can be opened partially with a magnetic two-level system, through which to create small openings between the panel and the frame so as to reduce the internal temperature of homes only when necessary.

In the front part, there is an LED (red or blue) which produces a soft glow which emerges at the base, while the I / O panel can be hidden from view through a wire cover with the top panel. The sizes of the houses are of 544 x 235 x 548 mm, while the curb weight is equal to almost 12 kg. Inside we can install ATX motherboards, video cards long 296 mm (or 412 mm by removing the panels), 5 drives 3.5″ or 2.5″ and two 2.5″ and other 2 of 5.25″.

Purchase three fans are pre-installed 140 mm, two on the front and one on the back. The user can decide whether to add two more from maximum 140mm on the top or add a third vent in the front plate. The case supports maximum 280 mm from radiators on the front and on the top, or rear by 140 mm. Cooler Master has also expanded the range of accessories available separately, including additional support for SSD, or a frame that allows you to mount a video card vertically.

It grows slightly the cost compared to the previous family. It is already available for sale in variants with red LED or blue.

MasterCase Pro 6 ATX Mid-tower Computer Case with Blue LEDs and Seamless Air Ventilation Design
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MasterCase Pro 6 ATX Mid-tower Computer Case with Blue LEDs and Seamless Air Ventilation Design
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