Apple and Samsung are preparing to remove the SIM forever

According to a new report, the two biggest giants of the smartphone industry would be discussing with telephone operators for the adoption of a new standard for SIM cards.

SIM cards as we know them today are destined to disappear and according to the new report in the Financial Times, this could happen very soon. According to reveal the source, the main protagonists of the new revolution will be Apple and Samsung, who have already begun to strike early agreements with telephone operators. These include the mass adoption of so-called e-SIM.

The embedded SIM are substantially of the chips that will be integrated within the device and which cannot be naturally replaced. Through the use of an e-SIM, for example, it will be easier to carry out the procedure of a change managers, which will not include the physical replacement of the SIM card linked to the same. Portability from one operator to another will entirely software side.

The new standard could debut as early as next year in volume, but it is something never seen. Apple has already anticipated the technology with Apple SIM, an integrated feature of the latest iPad Air 2 with LTE connectivity that allows the ability to change between operators available at the discretion of the user. The benefits may also be structural, with the devices of tomorrow will not need the specific slot.

This results in a simplification of the production process of the device, a larger space for the integrated hardware and the ability to see terminals even thinner. A change of this type of course provides an adoption of the operators on an international scale. The e-SIM makes sense if all players support it, and the only way you can completely eliminate the need for SIM card as understood today, in its most ” physical “.

The GSM Association, a group representing telephone operators, told the Financial Times that ” a vast majority of operators ” is working on mass transition to e-SIM: among these are mentioned AT&T, Deutsche Telekom, Vodafone, telephone, Orange, in addition to a whole series of international operators unspecified. Besides the operators, actively participating in the Apple and Samsung, which will contribute actively in the development of the standard.