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Ban for drones with camera in Sweden

Sweden has issued an order in which they are banned flights of drones with cameras. Easy to get around, the maneuver could be a drag especially for photographers and filmmakers.

If you are leaving on their way to Sweden to know that is not a good idea to equip the drone to take home with panoramic sea views. This is because a national supreme court has actually placed a ban on drones with the integrated camera which, according to the Swedish legal authorities, may be included in the category of surveillance cameras, and so they need a permit to specific flight difficult, if not impossible, to obtain.

This is because the permit is only and exclusively guaranteed if it is proved that the integrated camera in the drone is used to prevent crimes, dangerous or accidents. It will be very difficult in our view to show that you’re trying to protect you from thieves, or any imminent dangers, while 4K immortalized in the splendid ” fjärdar ” on duty. The news, which could disadvantage the Swedish market for drones, has not been welcomed by enthusiastic amateurs.

Aftonbladet, a Swedish newspaper, points out that the new resolution is not consistent with the existing laws in the nation. In Sweden it is legal to take pictures in public places, so why should it be illegal to do so when the camera is installed on a Quadcopter? No exceptions, also for journalists and professionals in general that, too, will use the drones legally only and exclusively if for personal security purposes.

The only consolation is that it will not be easy to enforce the final order, since it will be the local administrative bodies to report any violations to the police, reporting evidence. The fact that the flight from the drones. But then why create an ordinance that amateurs can get around so easily? It appears that the goal is to punish professionals, journalists or directors, who will no longer make movies via drone to be used commercially.