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Google Pixel subjected to the endurance test does well

Officially marketed by a few days the new Google smartphones are subjected to the test of resistance to fire, to bending and more. Unlike other competing devices the results are amazing. That’s why.

It seems to have become a tradition to undergo extreme testing all smartphones that are launched on the market by various manufacturers. Famous is, without doubt, the bench of the YouTube channel of torture JerryRigEverything, who with lighters, knives, keys and brute force of hands trying to bring to the extreme the latest generation of devices.

Today is the turn of the new Google Pixel, marketed by a few days in the US, which have been pilloried by the author of the video channel to understand how the same smartphone of Mountain Home resist than other devices of competing homes.

The scratch test allowed us to observe how the Google Pixel possess an in-line display with other devices protected with Gorilla Glass. In the long run, even on these new smartphones panel tends to bounce back strongly urged by the author in the video. What has aroused the slight surprise is the glass placed on top of the back of the Google Pixels that is easily scratched with the passage of the blade of a sharp knife.

The use of the cutter also on the remaining part of aluminum has not had much resistance from the device. However, it was seen that the key passage did not result in any defect to the Pixel body with an even better resistance than the one recorded with the Apple iPhone 7. Excellent also the quality of the fingerprint reader that although ruined by torture of youtuber continued to function.

As regards, instead, the resistance to fire the Pixel of Google remained easily defected by the passage of the flame of the lighter. A display area reported permanent damage in line though with other AMOLED displays, which do not allow large fire resistance.

Finally, subjected to the bending test, the Google Pixel has resisted better than all its competitor’s predecessors. During testing the display is leaked from the frame, but easily it was possible to return it to its original position.