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Canon introduces the EF-S 35mm IS STM F2.8 Macro lens with integrated annular flash

Canon’s new home, which also features APS-C reflex holders, the new EF-S 35mm IS STM F2.8 Macro lens, featuring integrated annular flash. Already something very similar to the EOS-M system, which we have already talked about.

Fans will remember that Canon, just under a year ago, introduced the new EOS-M EF-M 28mm F3.5 Macro IS STM lens, a 45 mm equivalent macro for mirrorless systems with the very interesting feature to integrate An annular flash at the front.

This type of artificial lighting is very much used for macro photography, where having a lot of light contributes not only to improving the appearance of the photos, but also to utilizing very high numerical diaphragm values ​​(very closed diaphragm so) to increase The otherwise very low depth of field. Having a lot of light allows you to have more margin on shutter speeds, being bound to a closed diaphragm.

The idea is brilliant, and it is confirmed by the presentation of a very similar version for the well-known APS-C, EF-S 35mm IS STM F2.8 Macro reflex systems. Membership of the EF-S family immediately tells us that the use destination is Canon’s APS-C range, on which the chosen focal length is 56mm in full size. It impresses the minimum focusing distance, only 3 cm from the front lens, as well as overall compactness: total length of only 56mm and diameter 69mm, with a weight limit of 190g.

Optics include the IS the optical stabilizer, as well as the STM step-by-step autofocus motor, which is characterized by a silent performance, useful for both macro shooting and video shooting.

Like on the Canon EF-M 28mm F3.5 Macro for EOS-M, we find two led strips on the sides of the front lens (they turn on and off with a dedicated selector on the lens), which make the thumbs of an annular flash normally used for this Type of shooting and purchased separately.

As for the other features, the construction involves the use of 10 elements in 6 groups, 7-leaf diaphragm, maximum aperture F2.8 and filters usable by 49mm in diameter.

Canon EF-S 35mm f/2.8 Macro IS STM will be available from late May.