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DBpower EX5000: Action Cam Full HD display

The DBpower EX5000 Action Cam is offered at a price even lower than usual thanks to the discount code that we provide on this page.

The Action camera perform the task to record video and take pictures in the positions and in the most absurd conditions. They are installed on helmets, on the body of a moving car and, even worse, are the ideal companions of those who do water sports or extreme sports and wants to immortalize their feats.

In short, it is an investment that can last very little over time because you just a little carelessness to cause irreparable damage to one of these devices. If that were not enough, often the best models of action and room areas also cost a few hundred dollars, and it takes little to scupper the small investment made.

Product prices and availability are subject to change. Any price and availablility information displayed on Amazon at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of any products.

Although unquestionably the most expensive models offer a greater number of features and superior image quality, you often have to contend with their own portfolios. Also because in some circumstances to make spectacular video of an adventure just as spectacular is necessary to offer more shots and then use multiple cameras and action-cam.

The ideal would be, in short, have a complete setup with different price ranges and different recording devices, using the tasks most thankless and dangerous economic models. Among these, we tried DBpower EX5000, a camera model that can be found at $50.

Features, design and connectivity

DBpower EX5000 is sold in a box in a particularly colorful cardboard and containing a very disproportionate number of accessories that look good quality. Among these, we point out the useful waterproof case, which needs no further description, accompanied by a specific clip. In the package, we are also multi-function clip and three different holders for bike (too small for a bike), for the room and for a helmet. In the box, there is no shortage three different belts, a piece, two 3M adhesives, a USB cable, a manual and two batteries of 900 mAh.

The quality of the accessories offered included is pretty good, and supports and clips are of adequate quality to firmly keep the action-room even in the most creative positions. To want to be picky we would have wished that the bicycle clips were also compatible with the biggest motorcycle handlebars, making the equipment bid during purchase certainly more complete. Nothing objectionable considering the purchase price.

The DBpower EX5000 design is fairly standard: it is essentially a small parallelepiped of a few centimeters per side with the wide-angle lens (170 °) which protrudes from one of the two long surfaces, where there is also the ignition key. The latter also serves to change the recording mode (including videos and photos), view the contents in the installed microSD or access the settings menu. On the opposite side, there is instead of a 2″ display is particularly useful to verify the video before and after the recording.

On the connectivity we find along one side: a micro-USB port, a micro-HDMI and microSD slot, positioned in the vicinity of two status LEDs. On the opposite side there are two keys for managing the functions and menu navigation, while the bottom we find the battery compartment.

Hardware, software, video/audio quality

DBpower EX5000 makes use of a CMOS manufactured by Panasonic sensor that supports the maximum sustainable resolution of 14 megapixels. The sensor is supported by a wide-angle lens that provides a 170-degree field of view, while the recorded video can be stored on a storage built up from micro-SD 32GB. The action-room can then record up to 8 hours of video at HD resolution (720p) and up to 5 hours of video in Full HD (1080p). The DBpower EX5000 model is also compatible with Wi-Fi networks, providing several additional features.

Combining a smartphone or a tablet it is possible to monitor the real-time recording, or to view the content stored on the micro-SD installed on the camcorder on the mobile device display. In the absence of an external device, the content may be reproduced in any way on the small integrated display, which is not touchscreen but that can be handled with the various keys and the two directional arrows. The display has a diagonal of 2 inches, sufficient for navigating the menus, and to quickly control the framing before you start recording.

In recording mode, the action-chamber dBpower shows some information on the screen as the timer that shows in real time the duration of the video, the various settings chosen for the video (resolution, frames per second, audio), the remaining battery power. The software allows you to view content recorded on micro-SD and also access to a large menu with a very large number of settings, including the most essential information such as resolution, image capture mode, the image size, the unmute during registration.

You can also configure the sharpness of the recordings, the white balance, set a fixed value for ISO, exposure, enable vibration reduction. In short, we have several options for a total of 6 pages with 40 different voices. What was missing? The most serious shortcoming in our opinion it is impossible to use only a portion of the sensor for the video, which would remove the ” wide-angle ” effect in the shooting. The DBpower EX5000 can then record only with native field of view.

As for the video quality, the action-camera behaves quite well considering the list price. The level of detail is good and the colors a bit washed-out can be easily corrected in post-production. The only sore point is related to the massive compression used specifically for video, which does not sit well with the busiest times (for example, example those of a speeding car). Good instead of the sound that distorts only in the presence of loud noises and resists well even if bracing recordings.

Final Considerations

DBpower EX5000 is an action camera which enforces especially for its price, equal to $50. It offers great possibilities for customization and a 2-inch display with which to better manage the frame before recording, high operational autonomy and support for Full HD resolution. The video quality is of course lower than the GoPro and the like, but there is also the question of its cost, or about a tenth of the most noble cousin.

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Product prices and availability are subject to change. Any price and availablility information displayed on Amazon at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of any products.