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Dodocool:Bluetooth Headphones Magnetic for Sports

Dodocool of bluetooth headphones are designed primarily for fitness that fit in the ear in comfortable and stable thanks to the rubber mounts.

In many circumstances the use of traditional earphones or headphone, then with cable, it may be inconvenient or annoying. Common situations in which the cable can be a problem are as when we run, we bike, or simply we move, situations where it is absolutely advisable to use a pair of wireless headphones that interfaces to the smartphone without cable or any physical connection.

When choosing a bluetooth headset you have to consider some aspects: in addition to the mere sound qualities, it is essential that the headphones are comfortable, non-skid tumbling to the ground during training sessions, and they are easily transportable. All the features we have evaluated the Dodocool Bluetooth Headphones Magnetic for Sports.

They are a pair of in-ear headphones (so that they fit inside the cavity headset, occupying in its entirety) interfaced to a source only through the Bluetooth technology. The two earphones are connected with a cable and are retained firmly within the ear cavity through a soft rubber support virtually imperceptible during use. Between the two headsets are also a small remote control with three buttons to manage the essential functions of the device, including the volume and the ability to answer calls, or pause and resume playback.

The keys are large and well spaced in such a way that even during the running sessions or bicycles prove easily accessible. Very high comfort and ” wearability ” rather through the use of soft materials. In the original, package are pads of three different sizes to accommodate all types of ears and offer a different insulation. The end result is naturally linked to the ear cavity of each user, and the ability to accommodate the grommet according to its shape.

In our case, we found the intermediate rubber ideal as a compromise between comfort and ability to isolate outside sound. Even on the road, including cars and other unforeseen circumstances, we struggled to hear what was going on in the environment.

The Dodocool earphones utilize the active CVC 6.0 technology to the cancellation of the ambient sounds via the microphone. During our tests of call and video call on Skype, we encountered excellent quality both in the incoming audio from earphones and output from the microphone, with ambient sounds that were properly hidden behind our voice.

In most headsets support aptX HD wireless transmission protocol to deliver audio quality ” high-fidelity ” combined with low latency, an essential feature for calls and live broadcasts. But sports earphones must meet especially the musical needs even at high listening volumes, then: what they sound like the Dodocool Bluetooth Headphones Magnetic for Sports?

The musical experience is a condition very subjective, and it is clear that the sound baked by Dodocool earphones cannot be pleasant for all types of users. The pairing takes place quickly and once combined with a smartphone or a tablet the graphical interface of the operating system (in our case Android, but also occurs on iOS) shows us the remaining charge of the built-in battery.

Battery which should allow, according to the company’s data, 8 hours of audio playback, and 360 hours of stand-by, with a charging time of an hour and a half. In our tests, we were not able to take charge of the battery to 0, but it seems that the rating data is quite reliable, with a range that could circumvent between 5 and 8 hours of playback.

The sound output from the Dodocool earphone is characterized by low and medium-low rather swollen, very obvious but with little effect ” punch “. It is a feature that could make happy for the young music lovers (techno, disco, pop), while for those who listen more energetic genres (rock and derivatives) earphones could prove ” slow ” and inadequate. Even worse when you consider listening to the finest music (classical, jazz, blues), with whose wife is ill at the flatness of the proposed musical stage. Highlights also midtones, which slightly choke the loudest sounds of the musical spectrum in the most hectic situations. The audio quality is slightly higher than the solutions offered bundled with the most popular smartphone.

Considering that are offered to the public at a price of about $25 on, Dodocool Bluetooth Headphones Magnetic for Sports may represent a convincing model in terms of value for money and a great alternative to the earphones standards that are found in boxes of smartphones plus the indisputable advantage of interfacing wireless.

They are also recommended to those who make sport and has no obvious demands in terms of sound quality, while delivering a listen very persuasive and structured for those with youthful tastes. Also they integrate a good microphone, and also included are a welcome box to carry them around comfortably and without difficulty.

dodocool Bluetooth Headphones Magnetic In-ear Earbuds Wireless 4.1 Earphones Stereo Sports Headset with APT-X HD Mic, CVC 6.0 Noise Cancellation
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dodocool Bluetooth Headphones Magnetic In-ear Earbuds Wireless 4.1 Earphones Stereo Sports Headset with APT-X HD Mic, CVC 6.0 Noise Cancellation
  • [Superior Sound Quality] Support aptX HD wireless transmission to deliver...
  • [Powerful Wireless Function] Connect seamlessly with most Bluetooth-enabled...
  • [Built-in Magnetic Design] Enable you to attach the two earphones together and wear...

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