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FitBit Alta HR: Now with detection of the Heart Rate

One of the flaws of the fitness tracker FitBit Alta was precisely the lack of detection of the heartbeat, but now the new FitBit alta HR goes to fill the gap in a product that is of donning one of his strengths.

FitBit Alta HR Now combines the functions of a device such as Charge 2 to the ease of being worn on the wrist of Flex 2, representing a very attractive option for women.

The heart rate detection feature is perhaps the most interesting provision by activity tracker today. The value of resting heart rate is a very interesting fact to assess their general state of health, in particular, to highlight so early any periods of physical and psychological stress, running to shelters in time.

Of course provides monitoring of physical activity and sleep and the small display can provide real-time statistics of the day, in addition to putting the exact time on your wrist. FitBit declares a range of up to 7 days. Among the advanced features, we are monitoring the heart rate based on PurePulse technology, automatic recognition training SmartTrack, call alerts, SMS and calendar, reminder for movement.

A small revolution for fitband pointing to an ever greater attention to the welfare, to stay healthy and to promote a healthy lifestyle. It is one that introduces Fitbit with the new Alta HR: a thin bracelet for the first time in the world of fitband monitors the heartbeat 24 hours 24 records all daily activities and especially helps while we sleep because it detects all the stages of sleep, light, deep and REM.

Why it is useful to monitor your heart rate.

Alta HR is all the best of what Alta has to offer with a perk – the heart rate monitoring – allowing you to better measure the calories burned and allows athletes to train at the right intensity. Know how much rest you strains the heart and when it is in business helps the bracelet to better estimate, how many calories you burn, important information to reach weight goals.

During exercise, Alta HR displays the heart rate zone in real time, so you can optimize sessions to burn fat and tone their bodies. By monitoring the resting heart rate over time is a quick and easy way to monitor the level of physical fitness, prevent over training and more.

The heart-rate monitor also improves the quality of sleep.

With a bracelet as Alta HR you have the option of using two new features of Fitbit related to sleep the sleep stages and tips on sleep. For Stages of sleep, Fitbit uses accelerometer data and heart rate, most proven algorithms to estimate more accurately how long you are awake, you enter the phase of light sleep, deep and REM each night.

Sleep tips using all the collected data, including heart rate, to provide a guide as a sort of coaching that can help improve the quality of sleep and in turn, health. Fitbit can help you examine your sleep statistics and trends compared to other people of the same age and the same sex.

The various stages of sleep.

Being awake for short periods, between 10 and 30 times, it is a normal part of sleep. The phase of light sleep usually lasts half the night and is good for memory and learning. The phase of deep sleep is important for the immune system and physical recovery after training. The REM stage usually is later than the phase of deep sleep and helps to recharge the mind.

Like the original, Alta HR automatically detects exercises such as running, elliptical, bike and more via the SmartTrack technology, and records the activities of the entire day, this visible in the OLED display so as the now and heart rate in real time.

For those who are attentive to the style and always want to have on your wrist something matching your mood Alta HR offers interchangeable straps.

Fitbit Alta HR: Top Features

  • Monitoring heart rate based on PurePulse technology : continuous detection of heart rate based on the pulse and the edge of the simplified heartbeat.
  • All daily activities : Keep track of steps, distance, calories burned, active-minute, hourly activity and inactivity.
  • Memorandum to encourage movement : Get Reminders for the movement that will encourage you to reach a goal of 250 time steps.
  • Notifications smartphone : Receive call alerts, SMS and calendar on the display when your phone is nearby.
  • Automatic sleep and alarm clocks Silent Monitoring : Monitors the quality of automatically sleep and wake up gently with a silent vibrating alarm clock.
  • Stages of sleep : It monitors the different stages of sleep, light sleep, deep and REM, to better understand the quality of your sleep. Further information.
  • SmartTrack : Automatically recognizes selected activities and registers them in the training section of the app Fitbit.
  • Interchangeable accessories : Customize your look with interchangeable straps in metal, leather and more.
  • Long Battery Life : The battery lasts up to 7 days and lets you record the activity the day and your sleep without having to recharge.
  • Tap display : Tap to view the statistics, time and notifications of an OLED display and customize the clock screen.
  • Wireless sync : Synchronize in the statistics wireless and automatically with over 200 computers and iOS devices, Android and Windows among the most popular.
Fitbit Alta HR, Blue/Gray, Small (US Version)
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Fitbit Alta HR, Blue/Gray, Small (US Version)
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