Focos: The free app capable of creating even more ” bokeh ” effect with the iPhone dual camera

The presence of a double cam on the latest generation iPhone has allowed to make photo shoots with reflex effects. The example comes from the bokeh effect or out-of-focus effect that the Focos app promises to improve even further.

The iPhone 7 and 8 Plus but also the new iPhone X coming soon allow you to use your smartphone to make professional shots that often are even more interesting than some cameras on the market. Few but good shooting modes that iOS users can put into practice even if thanks to developers and external applications you can amplify these modes, especially now that the sensors are two.

In this case, here is the famous ” portrait ” mode that with the iPhone 7 Plus has entered the jargon of Apple users will be enhanced in completely free thanks to the Focos application that will ensure a Bokeh effect like never seen with shots from smartphone.

FocosIf you are a fan of the out of focus then this new application will do for you because it allows you to amplify the effect of Bokeh very fashionable in recent times in smartphone shots. Created by the same indie developer who is behind applications such as Colorburn and MaxCurve, Focos takes the shots made by the user in the Portrait mode of iPhone 7 Plus, 8 Plus or X and makes them even more ” professional ” adding realistic and above all customizable bokeh effects for intensity and other parameters.

FocosNot only because Focos allows you to choose different shapes to apply as a bokeh effect as well as being able to generate more professional blurred effects by selecting them among the various options of the application. The user can then import photos directly from portrait mode and change the background by focusing on one subject relative to another clearly at a later time.

The application seems to work properly and anyone who wants to experience the Focos application can be downloaded directly from the Apple AppStore at this address even if only for users with iPhone 7 or 8 Plus and iPhone X.