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How to get around blocks and Firewall

Nowadays, a computer connected to the Internet is an indispensable business tool. Because of the large variety of content offered by the network, it can easily be transformed into a distraction instrument, thereby causing a decrease in productivity.

For this reason, many companies have blocked access to certain sites for their employees, using firewalls, ie the software or hardware resources that control the information coming from the network, blocking content based on the options chosen. If you still want to circumvent corporate blocks, there are three main procedures.

The use of proxy (Navigation). Circumvent the protections of a firewall through the proxy is really simple. You just connect to one of the following websites:

Now we just have to click ” Options “, make sure that the options are checked ” Encode URL ” (or ” Encrypt URL ” ) and ” Encode Page ” (or ” Encrypt Page ” ), enter in the central bar the address. You want visit and to which you cannot access and click ” Go “. You have bypassed your firewall protection.

The use of programs (Navigation). There are many programs that allow you to connect to the internet anonymisation your connection. Among the most popular, there is HTTP Tunnell. To use them just download the installation package, and then start it. If it is the first time you start it will be asked to configure it, click OK and select ” Auto Detect “. Then click on ” test ” and then choose OK in the windows that appear later.

After the configuration, you will open a request to ” subscriction key “, from which you must select the “ use-free service option “. You have finished, and then close the program with ” exit “. At this point, you are free to surf any site you want.