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How to choose your password

The use of the Internet and its many services, such as email, social networks, chat, forum, home banking, electronic payments and online commerce, all require you to enter a password. This, if it is not secure enough, can be easily intercepted and decoded, with severe risks to privacy. In case of economic or commercial transaction’s operations, will be in danger their financial resources.

Identity theft, data of credit cards and unwanted intrusions into personal accounts are frequent phenomena against which it is good to take appropriate measures, acting prudently. The first safety rule is to choose a difficult password to crack. Then it follows, for those who sail with Microsoft’s brand operating systems, installing a good antivirus program and anti-malware, as well as an efficient firewall.

  • A secure password should be chosen based on certain criteria, avoiding terms composed of words that resonate with date of birth, last name, mobile phone number, or everyday objects. The key must be an alphanumeric string of at least 20 characters, including uppercase, numbers, symbols and punctuation marks. For each service that you enjoy, it is necessary to adopt a different combination, avoiding to save it on your computer and storing it elsewhere, in a place not easily accessible to strangers. You should change at least every six months all the secret words that you possess.
  • The best way to get a solid, reliable password is relying on a program capable of processing a combination of a pirate test, such as Secure Password Generator. It is a great free online service that generates long codes and complex. The site is very intuitive and the password generation operation is instant, just set the criteria that you deem appropriate. The result is then copied in pen on a sheet that you must take care to keep.
  • The last critical step to follow, before closing the browser, it erases all the stored data, cache and cookies, so if your location is shared with others. It is a good idea to disable the storage of the various password from the Preferences > Security menu. Better yet if you choose Firefox anonymous browsing on the File menu > New anonymous window. This way will not remain any traces of online activities.

Note : Change your password frequently to the services to which you subscribe.