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Gmail, support at the end of Windows XP and Vista on Chrome

Google announced that it will no longer support the Gmail on Chrome versions earlier than 53, indirectly by cutting support to all Windows XP and Vista users.

It not for everyone is clear the importance of maintaining updated their software and in recent years the problem has heard a lot. Developers have encountered numerous difficulties in trying to convince their users to switch to new versions: Windows XP, still used today by several realities around the world, it is a prime example. Microsoft has also recently stated that Windows 7 is not sure how his successors and, despite Windows 10 has been proposed for free for a year, still enjoys almost 50% market share.

Also Google is trying to convince its users to switch to new versions of Microsoft’s operating system, and not so much to increase the market share. For a developer can be a problem having to optimize their services and their apps on a multitude of operating systems, which is why you often decide to cut support for older versions and less used. The development of the G Suite team has announced that the e-mail owner Gmail service will be supported on Chrome 53 or higher.

In other words, cease the Gmail support for Windows XP and Windows Vista, you can only use Chrome until version 49. The older operating systems are no longer supported by Microsoft, respectively, since last April, and since last November, and so Google decided to pull the plug with its browser. How does this translate in the use of all days? According to Google Gmail will still be accessible for several months even on older machines, but will no longer be maintained by the company, a factor that may soon become a problem.

By continuing to use older versions of Chrome using Gmail can expose your computer and the same account to security risks, but will no longer introduce new features and bug fixes, and known issues. Gmail will continue to work on Chrome 53 and prior to the end of the year, but as of December 2017 users may be redirected to the HTML version. Google says it wants to use the iron fist to ” strongly encourage the migration to more secure systems and supported “, as stated on the official blog of the company.

As of 8 February, in addition, Gmail users who use or are forced to use an old version of the browser will receive a message with which we recommend the upgrade. Of course, Gmail will continue to work with an external client or another browser is not Google, but it is clear that, this is another attempt to repeat an absolutely not recommended behavior, wherever it might be best to move permanently from Windows XP or Vista to Windows 10 or Windows 7 limit for a few years.