Goodbye Windows RT: The successor of Surface 2 will have Core M and full Windows

Surface The family may not have been totally extinct.   New voices speak of an imminent tablet ” not Pro ” with Intel processor and operating system ” full “.

Windows RT is dead, is certainly not new, but in the plans of Microsoft, there are only models in the “Pro“.  A new tablet from Redmond would be coming and could be unveiled at the next conference BUILD waiting from April 29 to May 1, 2015. Only a few days of waiting before discovering the news on a tablet that is set up as a very interesting generic user also on the price side.

Announcements on the new Surface were revealed by Zac Bowden of WinBeta, apparently aware of some of the features of the new product. It will be proposed as the successor of Surface 2, but at the same time will be very different: Microsoft will abandon the ARM platform and will rely for its entry-level model to new technologies with high energy-saving  Intel Atom is that Core M, both with architectures x86 to 64-bit.

In this way, the new Surface scion of the family will have full support for Windows and will be upgradeable to Windows 10. This suggests a timing issue extremely close, since the next version of the operating system is expected during the next summer. Differently from models Surface Pro, will be offered to the public as a device designed for everyone, not only for the professional, and of course will have a fanless design.

Nothing fan, therefore,  for a device capable of running the same applications of the home desktop in extremely small dimensions. A form factor afforded by the new Intel processors, and we have already seen on many products, but Microsoft wants to somehow take advantage with a product able to counter the traditional ARM tablet, but with the completeness of its operating system. The announcement of the new tablet could arrive in days, to coincide with the impending launch of Microsoft BUILD.