Windows 10 with Cortana and Project Spartan

The personal assistant Cortana does on entry in the Windows 10 desktop systems and offering a new way to interact with your system. Microsoft also shown by the browser Project Spartan with a new and unique ways of reading. Among the major announcements Microsoft made at the event last night deserves to be deepened that related to Cortana, the personal assistant that we have already learned about the terminal’s Windows Phone. It is a novelty not insignificant because it makes possible the interaction with your PC using your voice.

From what we saw then in Windows Phone Cortana does not behave like a simple solution synthesis and speech recognition: This tool is able to rework what they heard and to propose answers made sense. It is a solution based on technologies in the cloud, so access to the network is a basic requirement.

In this way, also, the entire processing load is delegated to a different structure from their PC, and in particular are exploited technologies Bing. Certainly the requirements relating to use desktop Cortana are different than they need in the use of a smartphone, and just this optimization work will be evaluated in future trials of the product.

Cortana also integrates with ” Project Spartan “, the Web browser still under development that promises to revolutionize the way in which you access and benefits from the Web. The personal assistant can be used to search for items and more generally for manage your web browser.

Project Spartan ” provides a reading mode pages which aims to offer a more comfortable viewing and consultation to the user; we believe that this feature may result from a similar solution implemented in Microsoft Office and geared even then to facilitate the reading of pages and documents. The new browser also allows you to post comments and highlight portions of the page using the mouse and keyboard, or more conveniently pen on devices with this device.

The next Technical Preview for Windows 10 desktop will be distributed from next week and will have to wait longer to take advantage of Windows 10 on Phone. By accessing the pages dedicated to Windows Insider Program you can read these operating systems are almost ready and will be available shortly.