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Google and Levi’s together for the first denim jacket ” smart ”: Connected let you listen to music

A jacket in step with the times that possesses touch controls on the sleeves for controlling the smartphone. It is no longer science fiction but a reality thanks to the idea of ​​the two American giants. It will be available in the fall and will cost $350.

The wearable ” smart ” in the near future no longer be only bracelets or watches ready to monitor sleep or how many steps were steps during the day but you will go over and you can even wear jackets that will chart the course through Maps or perhaps allow us to listen to music while walking. A future than ever next to Google and Levi’s who decided to reveal to the world their idea of ​​the future of the jacket: the new smart commuter jeans.

The new denim jacket has been specially designed in collaboration between the Mountain View giant and the leading company in the field of jeans goes far beyond the simple technology applied to wearable. Yes, because the new vest will be made with a completely new material designed with conductive fabric technologies and especially with the presence of Bluetooth transmitters, which thus allow to connect to the smartphone.

Hence the idea of ​​placing a ” control center ” directly into the cuff of his jacket. This positioning will clearly use the controls designed by Google and Levi’s directly at the touch of the fabric by hand. In this case the new smart Levi’s Commuter thanks to special sensors you will have full control of your smartphone by accessing the controls for receiving calls for the use of Google Maps but also for playing music. Simply touch the left cuff of his jacket just as if you touched one smartwatch and the game will be done.

The idea of ​​Project Jacquard, this is the original name of the project Google and Levi’s, is to simplify life for everyone from amateur cyclists who may hate stop during a stroll to answer a call or maybe even for those who during a simple walk do not want to hold your smartphone.

The future seems to a connected user as well as using a smartphone to turn on the lights of the house, to close the door automatically, to start the heater can wear a trendy jacket readiness to accomplish these and who knows how many other tasks without being forced to take in hand the mobile device.

The new jacket Levi’s Commuter, can be put in the washing machine and subjected to be centrifugal like every other garment not smart, will arrive in the fall of this year and should have a cost of $350.

Levi’s has nonetheless, made it clear that will not stop here because the plans for wearable ” smart ” are many and in the next few months, is ready to announce new products that will use precisely the Jacquard Google technology.