Google: a billion of SpaceX for the largest Internet network in the world

SpaceX to invest even Google, which brings the value of the company led by Elon Musk to 10 billion dollars. SpaceX confirms rumors of the last few hours with a new press. The company has raised about $ 1 billion in the last round of investment with funds from Fidelity and Google, which now have ” a little less than 10% ” of SpaceX. Until now, the ” spatial reality ” Elon Musk had relied exclusively on funding from sources of venture capital.

Among these, we find Founders Fund, Draper Fisher Jurvetson and Valor Equity Partners, who helped lead the company’s value to a figure of around $10 billion. Previously, SpaceX took care of the development of rockets and spacecraft, but plans Musk with society are different. Using the expertise gained earlier, the CEO of Tesla Motors wants to build and send into orbit communications satellites.

These will be used to create the ” global communications system larger than anything that has been talked about so far, ” to be exploited both on Earth and on Mars. SpaceX, the same as Google and Facebook, there is now the goal of extending Internet connectivity thanks to satellites. To date, there are already broadband satellite connections, but their compromises are more than evident. Especially in terms of latency, satellite connections are today unusable in some contexts (gaming, video conferencing).

The satellites of SpaceX will orbit at low altitude than geostationary satellites currently widespread: Musk spoke of about 1200 Mt, compared to 35 000 technologies spread today. The objective is to create a system for connecting large areas to speed and latencies comparable to terrestrial connections more reliable today, such as the fiber. A goal that SpaceX shares with Google, which has seen the construction of LTE networks through balloons (Project Loon) and satellites.

The target budget by Google to Loon was just 1 billion dollars, a figure that could not be just a coincidence. The new investment in favor of SpaceX could represent, the end of the previous project to support Elon Musk in his plans, rather than compete against the entrepreneur.