Google Gboard: An iPhone keyboard with so many functions

Google has just released a new keyboard for the iPhone that, against a not quite original design, offers a number of unique features.

iOS 8 is the first version of Apple’s mobile operating system to support the installation of third-party keyboards. There are many companies to have proposed various solutions type, including also some direct competitors. A Microsoft is now also adds Google, which released the new Gboard. The download is available now via the App Store, although not in all markets.

On a purely aesthetic level, we find no big revolutions, or rather the keyboard looks very similar to the traditional iOS. the novelties are many regarding the features, including the integration of search: from the same keyboard, you can use the search application from any application, including Messages, Twitter, Facebook in order to paste the results on services without having to leave the app at any time.

Gboard also supports the writing mode ” Glide ” which, similar to what is possible with keyboards like Swype, speeds up the writing procedures by allowing you to drag your finger from one button to another. Not missing, as dictated by current fashion, the ability to insert animated GIF by searching by a specific search engine. Again accelerates the sharing procedure, the user will never have to leave the app you are using to do it.

Below is the description on the App Store US Gboard translated freely:

Gboard is a new keyboard from Google to your iPhone. It has everything you’d expect from a great keyboard – GIF, emoji and Glide Typing – and has also integrated Google searches. Stop switch applications, simply do the research and send everything from the keyboard.

  • Search and sends anything from Google: Shops and restaurants nearby, videos and images, weather forecasts, news and articles, sports results, and anything that would seek with Google.
  • GIF research for the best reactions.
  • Emoji research, that perfect, faster.
  • Glide Typing, writing more quickly by dragging your finger from letter to letter.

Very interesting the part relating to privacy: ” We know that the things you write with your keyboard are personal, so we designed Gboard to your data, and your information remains safe,” read the description. When you search the keyboard sends the request to Google servers so that the algorithms can process it and respond with results. At the same time, sends anonymous statistics to allow the solution to problems encountered during any application crash, but also to know, which features a specific user uses the most.

Gboard knows ” nothing. ” It will remember the words you write to help with spelling or with the prediction of the research that interest you, but these are data stored exclusively on the device: ” These data are not accessible to Google or other applications, but only and exclusively to Gboard, ” finally points out the company. More information on the official Google blog.

Download Gboard from iTunes App Store