Google Play app SocialPath with malware: promises to protect the user and instead light

Android app promised to back up personal data on your smartphone but actually stealing data from the terminal and could perform other hazardous operations remotely. Lookout – a company specializing in the field of computer security – has reported to Google the presence of malicious app in the store dedicated to Android. SocialPath called, is software that collects the user’s a large amount of data on the terminal: contacts, messages sent and received, the call list and similar items are sent from the terminal to a server command and control through which the entire operation malware is handled.

The code is also able to receive commands remotely by making targeted calls to premium numbers: for the authors of malware this option provides a source of revenue to be implemented, for example during the night and without the user will find that their phone bill inflated.

The malware is spread with Whatsapp messages and posts via Twitter; the link contained within the message is made with a short URL, so it is not immediately detectable. At present, the statistics of diffusion of activities conducted through SocialPath confirm strong activity in some African countries, in certain areas of america and asia, while European countries are only marginally involved.

This detail should not lead to lower attention, malware like are and will always be popular. In these cases, but there are few simple tips for users: in addition to avoid the store is not official, it is necessary to pay attention to what data each app can access, to the reputation of developers unfamiliar, especially when promises amazing options for safety and security. As with SocialPath using Google Play is not absolute security, albeit Goolge is very reactive in the intervention against specific reports.