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Google promises decisive action against obsolete app on Android

Google may soon eliminate from Google Play Store apps that violate the privacy of users, but also allow you to clean up the digital store of obsolete software and abandoned by developers.

Soon it will be time to spring cleaning in Google regarding its Android mobile operating system. As reported by The Next Web, the company has started sending emails to developers who own app on the Google Play Store that violates the terms related to user data. The experts are specifically informed of a possible penalization or removal if the problem is not resolved quickly.

Google Play requires developers to provide a sound strategy on the management of the user’s privacy if the application requires or manages user’s sensitive information itself or the device “, it reads the email sent. ” Your app requires sensitive permits as access to camera, microphone, accounts, contacts, or phone module, or user data, but does not include a valid privacy policy according to our directives. ”

If the developer or maintainer of the application does not want the same should lose visibility, or be eliminated altogether from the store, you will have to send a document that certifies the implementation of a more effective policy on privacy, and publishes inside the ad insertion and app within an app itself. If you are not able to produce the document, the developer will delete requests for sensitive data within the application.

In the absence of response, starting from March 15 Google will decide the fate of the application being able to determine what to do about the violation of the rules of the digital store. Google’s move is more clever than it seems: they are million apps available on the store, and many of the older ones have never been eliminated despite being abandoned for several years and basically unusable today by users.

With this, maneuver can Google to make Google Play Store at the same time less insidious in finding the app and safer. It is likely that as of March will be deleted many applications from Android digital store, maybe even millions, all to the advantage of the mobile platform users who will test their skill only among the most valuable applications in its catalog.