HGST: Hard Drive 10 TB, early to the world server

Shown during a conference the new 3.5-inch hard drives from HGST 10 TB, made with technology SMR and filled with helium. Will go to the world server and will arrive in a couple of months or so. The race to the maximum capacity for hard drive commercial resumes from HGST, which showed the Linux Foundation Vault of the Boston already chatted 10 TB model, realized in size from 3.5 inches. Things interesting though are inside, of course, as revealed by ZDNet, present at the event.

The unit uses two known technologies but still little used, which provide both a method of storing data in order to increase the density on the individual discs, both the presence of helium and air within the disk. This latter feature allows the cartridges to read / write to have less resistance to movement than in environments where there is the common air, while helping to cram more discs within the package.

The other technology used is known SMR, Shingled Magnetic Recording, already seen on some drives Seagate, which will make its debut at home HGST on these models to 10 TB. To briefly summarize what it is, we think of a roof made with tiles. Each sector is partially overlapped with others, not just going to cancel the space between an industry and the other present in normal technologies, but invading it in the true sense of the word.

HGST 10TB Hard Drive

HGST is to work on these units from September to 10 TB, and obvious problems of youth have been resolved. With the SMR, technology can extend the capacity per disk from 25% up to 100% higher (compared to the technologies used today), depending on the size of the portion of each sector that you choose to superimpose. The market is waiting for the second quarter of 2015 at a price not announced. To be noted is the intended use, only for the enterprise sector and not the consumer. Those will come later.