In the US the restaurant you order with Google

The Mountain View company has announced a new integrated option on its search engine, which continues to increase the gap with the competition with exciting new features.

Sometimes technology can make simple work quite complicated or difficult. Other times helps us in the assignments all day allowing us to become even more sluggish than we already are. The last example of this is the ordinations to the restaurant via the Google search engine: we no longer need to search for the site of a certain room or call on the phone, think of everything or almost, the Mountain View giant.

Starting today, the US Google Search provides access to a new option on the ad on a local public. Just look for the name of the same, and select ” Place an order “, with the option that will take us to one of the service’s orders online Seamless, GrubHub, Eat24,, BeyondMenu and of course if the room provides the support of at least one of these.

Google Order

Google announced the news on their social networks, specifying that over time will add more services for online orders, and probably in other towns. It was mentioned a hypothetical release functionality on other countries in the world, although it is likely that this is a matter of time as indeed we have already seen in the past and on other aspects of the search engine.

It would be interesting also access to this particular news through Google Now. The virtual assistant of Mountain View is completed periodically with new features and allows you to perform various actions with the item going to dig the results from its proprietary services of Mountain View.