iOS 8.4 coming to the end of June

At WWDC 2015 June 8, there was also talk of the imminent release of Apple, and not only the future of the company. iOS 8.4 will arrive by the end of June, while in autumn arrives on Android app to make it easy to switch to iPhone.

The June 30, Apple Music will open its doors to the public, and will be integrated into iOS and iTunes on Mac. In order for that to happen, Apple will release the time for an update of the mobile operating system, which then come to version 8.4 and a new version of iTunes for Mac systems. iOS 8.4 will incorporate a new Music app, while iTunes will have a new section dedicated to the music streaming service.

The Music app of the current beta of iOS 8.4 includes a new ” miniplayer “, new controls through gesture and a new tool for finding music. Apple Music will arrive later on Windows and Android for more than obvious reasons: the large catchment area of ​​the two platforms could allow considerable margins with the new music streaming service, in addition to those from proprietary platforms.

iOS 8.4 and the new iTunes will then be released by next June 30, giving full access to the new streaming music service, Apple Music.

Apple also announced a new application for Android: Move to iOS represents the second attempt at landing on Google Play by Apple presented on Monday evening. This is an app for the ” migration ” from an Android smartphone to the iPhone, which allows quick and painless transfer of contacts, message history, photos, videos, email accounts, wallpapers, calendars and favorite browser.

Move to iOS

The transition of the data is done via wireless, even if it is granted for all types of files: applications in use on Android, for example, may not be transferred, as well as songs or ebook DRM protected. The existing versions of the app on the App Store will be added Wish List App Store, app or set as ” suggested ” if proposals free on the virtual store of Cupertino.

Move to iOS will be released simultaneously to the public launch of iOS 9, then do not before next autumn.