YouTube here is the first video in 8K

On the ” tube ” you can now see the first videos to stratospheric resolution of 7,680 x 4,320 pixels.

One of the first video at 4320p resolution is called ” Ghost Towns in 8K ” and can be found in this page. It marks the debut of the new resolution on the popular player, with video of the highest quality but requires hardware obviously important to be able to be processed adequately.

Ghost Towns in 8K ” was shared by Producer YouTube Marques Brownlee by Google+. The 8K is composed of a number of vertical and horizontal lines than four times compared to the HDTV format, and of a quantity of pixels sixteen times larger than the previous format.

Youtube - 8K

Support for the resolution 8K within YouTube dates back to 2010, but the most famous player of the web has made public only in the last hour. Still cameras capable of recording to 8K are not very widespread on the market, at a time that sees problematic also the widespread use of the standard 4K.

But this type of resolutions is likely to become acute in optical virtual reality. These devices require that the display be placed in very close relation to the user’s eyes. For this reason, of course, the higher the resolution and less subject to compromise will be the entertainment experience.