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Mercedes-Benz ” Digital Light “: The headlights of cars become HD and intelligent

It’s called the Digital Light of Mercedes-Benz strategy that will lead to more and more technological headlights and degrees of autonomy in the regular intensity and direction of light so as not to annoy other drivers but also to provide the highest performance in terms of lighting.

According to the future Mercedes engineers in the automotive field of lighting it is represented by bright lights in HD quality, which do not cause glare for other road users.

This revolutionary technology is distinguished by its performance that are reflected in a highly innovative driving experience that also allows you to communicate with other users of the road.

In each of the new headlights are working in HD quality chips with over a million micromirrors, and over two million per car altogether. The intelligent drive logic required for the light distribution has been developed directly by Mercedes-Benz.

Through the car’s sensors, algorithms receive detailed information on the surrounding environment and, on that basis, calculate in real time the brightness value of each of the more than two million pixels. Thanks to this dynamism, and such precision, this intelligent system creates almost unlimited possibilities for an ideal light distribution and high resolution, able to adapt optimally to the environmental conditions.

” The deciding factor is not the technology found in the headlights, but the digital intelligence than the rule, ” said Gunter Fischer, Head of Exterior Body and Vehicle Operating Systems Development at Daimler AG.

Radar sensors and cameras recognize other road users, powerful computers analyze in millisecond data and digital maps and, on this basis, they command the headlights in order to adapt the light distribution according to each specific situation. The result: optimum visibility for the driver, without dazzling other road users, and innovative features that provide significant added value in terms of safety.

The strategy ” digital light ” Mecedes tip then you get with digital light the best possible visibility. This way will be optimized in a safety relevant when driving at night and will even be possible to project the icon on the way to indicate danger or give directions to those who goes before or comes in the opposite direction.