Microsoft announces Cortana for iOS and Android

The virtual assistant of Windows and Windows Phone will arrive on smartphones competition. Finally comes the official confirmation.

Cortana will arrive on iOS and Android starting next June. This was announced by Microsoft itself, which has already given a quick glimpse in the video. How will the virtual assistant of Windows Phone operating systems competition. In addition to Windows 10 desktop, then, Cortana lands on other platforms, which fail to respond to such a developer to the same questions (or almost).

It is expected less widespread deployment of iOS and Android, compared to what is Cortana on Windows Phone and it will be on Windows 10 Mobile and Windows 10. Cortana will come as a specific application on the platforms of the competition and will show the user specific notifications about sports scores, flight, and many other unique features available to the virtual assistant of Microsoft.

” Cortana can set so that you remember to pick up milk as soon as you get to the grocery store, where the smartphone will notify you, ” he writes Microsoft confirmed the news. ” You can monitor a flight using Cortana both your PC and on your smartphone, and get updates on the device you are using so that you do not forget anything. ” Not all features will be transposed on iOS and Android.

Since it is ” just an application “, there will be things you can do on smartphones Windows Cortana, and he cannot do on iOS and Android. Some features require special permissions that the app cannot have the third mobile platforms: Cortana will enable or disable functions of the smartphone, and cannot be ” awakened ” by the hotword ” Hey, Cortana.

The server application voice was announced along with an app Phone Companion integrating it into Windows 10. It is a tool to connect your PC to any smartphone, so that they will synchronize simply by installing applications and services and using spells granted by the cloud. Clearly, then, Microsoft pushes more and more on the multi-platform.