Microsoft Bluetooth Desktop Designer: Keyboard and Mouse design

The new set designer Bluetooth Desktop provides a keyboard and a mouse very accurate design and rather small. The keyboard also incorporates a small numeric keypad while the mouse uses BlueTrack technology. Microsoft has unveiled in recent hours the new designer Bluetooth Desktop set: it is a keyboard and a mouse, particularly well in design and quite compact. The announcement was made from the pages of the official blog of Windows and on this resource are also available various images.

The keyboard layout is very special: the maximum overall dimension is almost one of the keys without additional space for the frame, and we can also notice a certain similarity of designer Bluetooth Desktop with the keyboard of a notebook. The product integrates a complete row of function keys and for some of them, there is provided a dual functionality for the control of a player and multimedia content.

MS Designer - Keyboard

On the right, to the left of the actual keyboard is placed a numeric keypad. Microsoft reports that even small-size keyboard designer Bluetooth Desktop is able to offer a touch and a response well calibrated for each individual element.

As for the mouse, we can notice the scroll wheel placed in the central area, with the area for the next two keys that at present we do not know whether they are physical or just touch type. Interestingly, for this device you have chosen to integrate a mechanical scroll wheel – we do not know whether or not clickable – instead of opting for an area sensitive to touch. Mouse shirts Bluetooth Desktop September integrates technology BlueTrack that promises to use the device on almost all surfaces, including on any plans of glass.

MS Designer - Mouse

The power supply of the keyboard and mouse is done with 4 AAA type batteries, there is not a solution for charging and Microsoft declares an average duration of 6 months. As you can tell from the name of the product itself or the connection to the PC with the tablet takes advantage of Bluetooth’s technology, so there is a dedicated dongle to be inserted into a USB port of the PC.

The marketing of the keyboard mouse set is scheduled to begin in May at a cost of about $ 95, while in a few weeks will already purchase the only mouse is priced at about $ 30.