Microsoft unveils 7 versions of Windows 10, and there is also Windows Mobile

The Redmond giant is finally clarity about strategy’s nomenclature of the next operating system expected to debut in the summer.

Approaching the official release of Windows 10 and Microsoft is preparing to launch revealing the names of individual versions after a long phase of Technical Preview. In this, the engineers of the company have tried to further improve what seems an excellent starting listening to the response of the same users, called for the occasion Insider. Among these professionals, developers, but also end users. The ” editions ” of Windows 10 will initially be seven.

The most common Windows 10 Home will undoubtedly, in this case the version we will find pre-installed on desktops, laptops and tablet sizes. Continuum will include for the dynamic transition from the desktop to tablet mode and vice versa, and there will of course also Cortana. Although it has not yet been specified, the Home should not include the advanced features more typical enterprise, as already operated by Microsoft in recent years with other versions of the OS.

The smartphone version will be called Windows 10 Mobile, taking a nomenclature that the first smartphone users will remember with particular nostalgia. The same version of the tablet will also support smaller and Continuum in a slightly different way: in this case will use smartphones and tablets connected to the keyboard, mouse and external display, presenting a graphical magazine to better accommodate the new hardware. In short, an experience of desktop hardware and mobile app.

It is more complex and wide the offer for businesses and professional users: Windows 10 Pro is the next step with respect to the home and adds support for Active Directory domains and Windows Update for Business. The latter is a plan updates that adds some interesting features to the current Windows Server Update Services, such as channels of priorities diversified with which the infrastructure more sensitive will receive the updates in the times gear to prevent malfunctions or compatibility problems.

The updates will be sent via peer-to-peer to preserve network bandwidth available and can be set windows of time in which to look for and apply them. On the corporate front we then Windows 10 Enterprise, which in addition to Windows Update for Business will feature even more specifications to meet the needs of companies of medium and large entities. The last step for companies is represented by Windows 10 Mobile Enterprise, with new nomenclature which has the support of additional features for the management and security of mobile devices.

There will also be a version designed for the educational world: Windows 10 Education is developed to meet the needs of ” schools, administrators, teachers and students “, and will be available through the distribution program specifically for schools. We do not know what the specific features of this version, although it could be offered with discounts appropriate to address effectively the rise of the Chromebook in educational environments. The seventh and latest version is Windows 10 IoT, meant to be integrated in low cost systems of small dimensions.

The choice is wide and markedly diverse, which is good. Microsoft remains committed to providing Windows 10 Home, Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile Pro as a free upgrade for Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1 qualified in the first year after the launch, which is not sold will be asked for additional costs continue to use the new operating system on that machine.