New Jaguar E-PACE presented with a spectacular screwing performance

A dynamic twist that establishes a new Guinness World Record for ” the longest screwdriver made with a standard vehicle. “

The new Jaguar E-PACE has been presented with a performance that lets you enter the Guinness Book of Records, and you can see it in the movie below. This was a dynamic twist that establishes a new official Primacy for ” the longest screwing done with a standard vehicle “.

To refine the stunt, months of dynamic testing and analysis were required, including achieving the exact running speed. The ramps have been carefully designed using CAD software before any test is performed. During the 270-degree screw-up, Terry Grant, the stunt driver who has conducted the experiment and boasts a major cinematic experience, has tested on his body a force of 5.5 G and has had to run a rush of 160 meters to perform the performance at the correct speed.

E-PACE has completed its record-breaking performance at London’s ExCeL, one of the few UK locations that are big enough to secure the 160-meter-long run, crucial to reaching the 15-meter long jump.

Jaguar E-PACEThe E-PACE is a compact 5-seater SUV that combines the design and performance of a Jaguar sports car in a practical, spacious all-wheel drive vehicle. A sporting DNA vehicle that incorporates into itself an important set of technological equipment, especially designed to ensure maximum connectivity for all passengers. These are possible thanks to the Wi-Fi 4G and the super-wide touch screen.

Jaguar E-PACENew-generation vehicles like this do not give up technology, which is rather a key factor in ensuring a comfortable and productive experience even during shifts. The car offers up to four 12 volt jacks and five USB ports, plus a Wi-Fi 4G hotspot that allows up to eight devices to connect at one time.

The 10-inch touch screen display also allows users to connect to their favorite applications, such as Spotify. The Jaguar Land Rover’s InControl system allows you to safely keep your vehicle through traceability on your smartphone. In addition, in the event of an accident, the system automatically notifies the emergency services and, before embarking on a voyage, you can check fuel levels or temper the car’s interior at will.

E-PACE is the first Jaguar to be equipped with the exclusive next-generation Head-Up Display. The system can project up to 66% more information on the windscreen, with a larger, sharper color graphics.

The technological equipments of such a vehicle are not exhausted with these, since E-PACE has a number of important arrangements in terms of customization and autonomous driving. For example, Configurable Dynamics allows you to customize the accelerator, automatic transmission, steering and where available, the Adaptive Dynamics suspension system.

This technology detects driver inputs, car body movements and steering wheel, loading suspensions in advance and adjusting cushioning to improve stability and agility in any driving condition.

The stereoscopic camcorder is the key element of systems such as the Advanced Autonomous Emergency Braking, which also detects pedestrians, Lane Keep Assist and Traffic Sign Recognition as well as Intelligent Speed ​​Limiter and Driver Condition Monitor. Front and rear parking sensors are standard.

The camcorder also combines with the electric servo steering for the Blind Spot Assist, which reduces the risk of side collision on multi-lane roads. The Forward Traffic Detection system, on the other hand, warns drivers of vehicles approaching the intersections where visibility is limited.

The exterior design is inspired by the F-TYPE sporty and is characterized by the typical Jaguar calander, with marked proportions, reduced ripples and important sides. Jaguar’s DNA sport also emerges in the flowing lines of the roof and in the unmistakable window design. For more information, pictures and videos on the Jaguar E-PACE, visit