New Lenovo smartphone makes any surface interactive

Lenovo showed a new prototype smartphone with the integrated projector that makes any flat surface interactive.

Tech World at Lenovo, the Chinese company showed a concept of a smartphone that uses laser technology to project any screen interactively on a flat surface. On an aesthetic level, it is not very different from a traditional device, but internally has exclusive hardware to make the feature called Smart Cast, possible.

The prototype shown by Lenovo may be traditionally used to project the image on a wall, but by rotating the form at the top of the device addresses an interactive image on the surface it is resting smartphone. As is the case on some accessories that cast a keyboard, Smart Cast makes any surface a touchscreen.

Unlike the above accessories the prototype Lenovo projecting color images, and not monochromatic, and its use is not limited only to keyboards. It is so possible to use it to write in a more comfortable way to enjoy that with a virtual piano, but is also possible to juggle with the fruit of Fruit Ninja on your desk.

When Lenovo has not announced any commercial device that will use the technology, nor the necessary hardware that turns the interesting function in reality. Potential device with Smart Cast should come to market in the near future, but we do not know the price range that will occupy.