The new operating system from Google is Brillo and is based on Android

Google comes from a new operating system for the world of decorative connected to the Internet. It follows naturally from Android, skeleton to accept limited hardware.

The direct input by Google in the world of the internet of things was granted. The company announced Brillo, a new operating system to interface with the world of objects to mobile devices, and WEAVE, a set of APIs that will appeal to the internet of things. After Apple and Huawei, Google also cannot refuse to participate in a class that will cover billions of devices in the coming years.

Google Brillo is based on a kernel that is derived directly from the Android, naturally it reduced the bone in order to be integrated on devices of very small size not too capable on the hardware side. The choice of keeping Android caters especially to the simplification of procedures developed by device manufacturers and, especially, of SoC.


To interface with Brillo and not only that, we will find WEAVE, a set of APIs that are used to create a standard for communications between devices interconnected. Google has not released specific technical details, except that the API can be used by any manufacturer or developer, regardless of a platform. Brillo will be launched as a developer preview in the third quarter of 2015, while WEAVE later this year.

Huawei recently announced LiteOS, an entire operating system in 10 kB for the internet of things. Apple already promotes its HomeKit, also he turned to the world of decorative. It now joins Google, whose interest in the sector already showed several times in a more or less direct. The IoT will come soon in our lives everyday without making too much noise with a number of interconnected devices that will grow dramatically in the coming years, and it is obvious that all the big names are getting ready to new market requirements.