New tools to verify the copyright in YouTube

With the new tools inserted from YouTube to Audio Library is easier to understand any restrictions on the use of audio content within a video. YouTube introduces innovations that could make better clarity regarding the use of copyrighted audio content within the videos posted by users.

Indeed, it is available from a few hours a new feature within Audio Library : This tool is intended to provide accurate information on the possibility or not to use any audio of a video.

Audio Library shows a list of music content defined Free Music joined by a second group called Ad-supported Music and in the latter group of songs are given further instructions. Some songs such can not be used in the video for which the user has provided useful advertising tools to monetize, while in other situations using a particular content you also accept the conditions chosen by the manufacturer, such as the ability to insert an advertisement in pre-roll.

With this, innovation should therefore avoid those situations rather widespread in which the insertion of a protected audio content present in Audio Library within its own video involves the elimination of the video itself. Of course, this condition can still happen for example, when the creator of a song in this Audio Library decides to arbitrarily change the settings for sharing, but it’s sure of a small number of cases.