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How to restart a router or modem

When you have a modem or router at home for the Internet connection, you may occasionally have to restart, or when the connection suddenly takes a leap, or because of local problems. To avoid that this becomes traumatic, you should follow some tips to reset the modem in the right way. In this guide, you will learn how to restart a router or modem in the simplest of ways.

  • The first mode to be adopted, is to disconnect the power plug or the on/off button in the back of the modem, waiting a few seconds and trying again to make it work. If the problem persists, it moves to more technical actions, ie you type ” ” or “”, to display the screen with the modem values. There are options that apply to any router, multimode and pap chap; most other that change from a telephone to another manager.
  • It is these settings that should be checked to see if you have changed or not, and if necessary, change them yourself if you are able to do so. Otherwise just make simple changes that do not affect the technical features. If even after these operations is no connection, you have to go to press the reset button on the router.
  • In this way, the modem restarts from zero and is ready for navigation. If not, please contact a technician for modem problems. It may happen that the reset button is rather hidden and must press it with something sharp and not too often. It also, ought to evaluate the causes that lead to a failure of the modem, such as a temporary power failure, a storm that could affect the efficiency of the modem then having to resort to a replacement. Most of the time the solution is to understand the cause. Not to jump to solutions so thanks to this guide, we can understand the hitch and go for the best solution.
  • In conclusion, we can say that, usually, the failure of the modem operation is only a temporary thing, due to line problems, recover on their own after a few minutes. One must avoid falling into a panic for a few minutes without being able to navigate, and especially before going to the store to spend more money for a new modem, try to assess the actual need of having to undertake this expense.