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Samsung Bixby: Official of the new Galaxy S8 ready to beat voice assistant Siri and Google Assistant

The South Korean company anticipates the arrival of the Galaxy S8 and unveils its new virtual assistant. It will challenge Siri, Google Assistant, Cortana and Alexa possessing, at least according to the company, the missing features in competitor. Let’s see its features.

It’s called Bixby and is the Samsung’s new virtual assistant. In all likelihood we will see him at work on the new Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus coming next March 29 but meanwhile the South Korean company has decided to present it in advance to the media and users to understand what stuff is done and especially to create quell hype about the new range went top waning with stolen smartphone images.

Bixby though will have to see with the various Google Assistant, Siri, Alexa and Cortana (although the latter remains a memory of the mobile devices) and for that Samsung seems to have looked for originality in creating it and makes it do different things from others.

Samsung has never completely renovated its voice assistant S Voice, and over the years has seen the passing of its competitors completely renewed software side and increasing functionality. For this with the arrival of the new Samsung Galaxy S8 he wanted to change, and renewal has been made deeply trying to find a match between the users that will use it.

For this, the new Samsung Bixby has three specific characteristics: context awareness, cognitive tolerance and completeness. These three features are the focus of screen readers and level of use in Samsung has tried to reach higher-level allowing users to use Bixby to control his voice the whole smartphone applications in every sub-menu as well as simple companion adventures.

What will Bixby? Samsung’s new virtual assistant will be present in most default applications of the new Galaxy S8, and this will enable it to be more active on the user. Every activity on the application will be supported by Bixby: by voice command. A clear differentiation from our competitors and that exerts in this case the characteristic of previously declared complete.

To make unique Samsung’s virtual assistant will also cognitive tolerance. Bixby will complete voice commands given by the user even if they are not always accurate or standard. In this case, the algorithm created by Samsung engineers goes beyond what you typically do various Siri and Google Assistant allowing you to make a completion of the owner of the smartphone.

Finally, the awareness of the environment will be implemented by Bixby with knowledge of the habits, the movements, operations that you carry out with your smartphone. In this case, the assistant created by Samsung will allow at any time to adapt to the environment and to take action when deemed appropriate to improve or simplify user bypassing activities in any way the need for a mandatory external input.

The life of Bixby also do not seem to be limited to the new top of the range coming South Korean company later this month. While the statement asserts the new Galaxy S8, with even the mention of a physical button on your smartphone ready to activate the voice that somehow puts an Assistant doubts about the veracity of the various render seen so far, the company is expected to Bixby also the new smart TV, on air conditioners and appliances on. So the era of Bixby as a new ” life partner ” seems ready to develop to the maximum and the Galaxy S8 is just the beginning.