The smartphone of the future Samsung is all transparent: The mock-up at CES 2015

The heroes of the film The Avengers: Age of Ultron will use a number of electronic gadgets of the South Korean giant, shown at CES 2015 in Las Vegas. It is the goal to be reached in the near future in the various sectors? A mock-up of a smartphone transparent course not working but very interesting was shown by Samsung at CES 2015 in Las Vegas. It is a product made by the consumer electronics giant for the film ” The Avengers: Age of Ultron ” , which will be screened in theaters around the world this summer. The smartphone will be used by none other than Tony Stark, along with a number of other electronic gadgets futuristic nature.

It is a product which in part resembles a partially functioning prototype that the same Samsung had shown several months ago, with flexible display and a small lower appendage to contain the electronic components. A smartphone impossible for current technology, but that could be the norm in a few years with the refinement of production techniques and the evolution process of miniaturization.

Samsung describes the phone Tony Stark: ” A sleek phone adopting technology specifically designed for Tony Stark. With a surprisingly flexible display, the device uses two different curved panels taking inspiration from the Edge Galaxy Note, so that the most important information are shown separately from the main screen. The phone also uses a user interface to holograms with a sensor for fingerprint scanning so that even if the device enters into the wrong hands the data of Tony Stark remains secure.

All members of the Avengers will be supported by Samsung gadgets, including one also appears smartwatch featured aesthetic particularly promising.


Below is the official description of the smartwatch:

One smartwatch metal alloy made from the strongest materials to operate in harsh environments. With an amazing, the smartwatch top secret Samsung has two user modes: Normal and Transparent so that the Avengers have access to personal information remains up to date even on the imminent threat of the universe.

Rightly notes Business Insider, is quite curious that the devices give both the Samsung logo that to Stark Industries, the company held by Avenger Tony Stark. As for the release to the public, Samsung specifies that the availability is currently only available in the members of the team of Avengers.