Smartwatch economic arriving with the new MediaTek MT2601

MediaTek has designed and developed a new SoC for wearable with 41.5% of the components in less than the competition, smartwatch for cheaper and more efficient. MediaTek announced the start of the production phase of the mass of a new SoC for wearable devices, MT2601 based on the Android operating system currently Wear particularly common on smartwatch. The Chinese manufacturer offers a complete platform for device manufacturers to integrate in a painstaking hardware and software.

MT2601 integrates inside a dual-core ARM Cortex-A7 at 1.2 GHz with Mali-400 MP GPU and supports video resolutions up to qHD. It interfaces with a whole series of sensors – necessary feature of devices of this type – as well as having the controller for the management of wireless connections. All this in an area for the PCBA less than 480mm², ideal on smartwatch.

According to data released by MediaTek, MT2601 integrates all the features needed in a small package that contains 41.5% fewer components compared to the rest of the chipset market. The SoC will enable, according to the company, the ability to produce smartwatch cheaper and lower power consumption than current models.

The advantages of the design of the new SoC are not only related to the reduced cost of materials needed: thanks to the possibility of using a PCB smaller than is possible to obtain, according to MediaTek, a range equal to better integrated battery. MT2601 is the first product of the Chinese, specifically for wearable: the company has announced it will support Android Wear with various evolutions of its technology, following the roadmap of Google for its operating system.

Volume production of MediaTek MT2601 started in the past few days, with the SoC ready to be integrated in the first devices.