The new battery ZTE will triple the autonomy of smartphones

Entries will come from China about a technology ” miracle ” for the batteries of tomorrow that could triple the autonomy of our smartphone with the same volume occupied. Even the costs of production would be resized.

The current trend that, we are seeing in the smartphone market is to have devices smaller and thinner. The aesthetic and design win so about features, forcing manufacturers to reach severe compromises in terms of hardware specifications. To have less space translates, most of the time, with an operating range sacrificed due to battery size height.

That of the ultra-thin smartphone is a trend that, we have seen in the West, but that is now a prerequisite, especially in Asian markets. It actually comes from China the technology that, according to a new report by site, should hand over the huge capacity batteries in areas not too different from those occupied by current solutions.

Specifically, it seems that ZTE is dealing with a technology to produce batteries from the same volume capacity tripled and that production costs will actually be cut by 15% compared to conventional batteries commonly taken on our terminals. For a couple of generations the battery life of our smartphones has increased significantly, allowing us sometimes to cover two full days on some terminals.

Among the most capable in this regard, we find LG G2, Sony Xperia Z3, the HTC One, without considering various models phablet that, thanks to the increased size, allow to obtain remarkable results. It is a parameter that has never met, and rightly so. Even today, if you use in a sustained manner any cell phone (GPS navigation, 3D games) this struggle to make evening.

Then wants to patch ZTE that with its new technology takes virtually triple the autonomy of current smartphones. The technical information in preparation for the unit are not many, but it seems that the battery can adapt to a different form factor, also curved. We do not know even a possible date for its introduction on the market, but given the commitment of ZTE in the field of ultra-thin smartphone, chances are you do not miss even a very long time.