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How to transfer data to a PC with bluetooth

You must transfer files from your phone to your PC in an easy and fast but do not know how? Whether it’s pictures, video, or text documents, you can use the Bluetooth connection.

In this guide, I will show you how. Today Bluetooth is one of the leading wireless technologies deployed across the world. Most cell phones, smartphones, tablets and PCs have built-in Bluetooth, but alternatively you can purchase a special adapter to integrate this functionality. The operation of the Bluetooth is wireless such as wireless connection. Its practicality and speed of use make it the most widely used data transferring means and the reach of all currently in use.

  • First you take the device from which you must transfer the file and select it. Remember that too heavy files, such as movies, may not be transferred with this system because of their size. The waiting period for the transfer of the selected file for sending via Bluetooth depends on the connected devices.
  • To proceed with the transfer must enable Bluetooth on both devices to be connected and, above all, very importantly, make sure they are ” visible “, otherwise it will not be detected. The first PC, once you have selected files. You will need to open the drop-down menu and hit the enter key by choosing as the transfer method that indicated by the symbol bluetooth.
  • This will open the page of neighboring devices connected with Bluetooth enabled and ready to receive. Now you have to select the recipient’s bluetooth device. Next, click and go ahead to enter the PIN, being careful because this is the same code that you need to enter, later, in the second device, for receiving files.
  • The device that will receive the file automatically appear on the display you will see an icon on which you can just click ” agree ” or ” receive ” files, depending on the brand and type of device used to start receiving faxes. By this time, the files sent will be loaded in a few seconds, as mentioned above, the reception time varies depending on the file size and the Bluetooth device type. It will see a bar on which you can view real-time status of the transfer. Finally, you will see a message that will be confirmed receipt successful!

Note: After the transfer is advisable to disable the bluetooth to reduce energy consumption of your devices.