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How to share the iTunes music library

This is a very simple and brief guide that will explain how to succeed in its own share of wireless or wired network, your iTunes music library, make it accessible from other computers on the network, whether they are working with a Macintosh, that with the Windows system, or many others.

They are suitable for this operation is very important, as it allows us to save time and money that otherwise we are going to consume in having to re-enter the songs, we already possess it in another PC. Let us follow these comprehensive steps, we will explain clearly how.

  • First, we have to take our computer that will act as a server, or share your iTunes library. We turn on the Macintosh and open the program and then, we click the iTunes icon in the Dock or in the Applications folder; on windows, on the other hand, we click the iTunes icon on the Desktop or in the Start and then choose Programs and from there try the iTunes icon on which we are going to click.
  • Now move your mouse on the bar at the top, and we click on preferences and the new screen open, on the Sharing tab and then select the second option, namely: ” Share my library on my local network. ” We can then decide whether to share your entire music library on your computer, or just part of it, selecting categories or playlists: the second option may prove necessary when we do not want all purchased songs can also be listened to by others on other PC.
  • At this point, we have to record the data of our iTunes account. If we already have one just put our data, otherwise we will have to go to create a completely free so quick and easy. Thanks account created, we can associate it to a maximum of five computers that will be able to access the shared library. Now, we click the iTunes icon to launch it, then do it again click on preferences and then the Tab sharing. This time, we select the first option, that is: ” Look for shared libraries. ” Clicking, we can see all the playlists and sections that we decided to share. At this point, the job is finished, and we can listen on any home PC the songs downloaded from a single account.

Note: The maximum number of computers that can access the shared library is 5.