TunesGo, the iTunes library on Android

TunesGo of Wondershare can break down barriers of iTunes, allowing you to transfer music also from mobile to the library and sync Android devices.

Using iTunes for users of iOS devices, be it iPhone, iPod or iPad, is in most cases a necessary step: although, Apple has tried to make their devices (especially iPhone and iPad ) as independent as possible from your computer, in many cases, the ability to manage content iDevice via iTunes is still the option more comfortable and easier for the user.

iTunes, in turn, raises a number of limitations, especially when it comes to managing your music library: beyond the double strand that binds the devices iOS and Apple software (the latter can only communicate with the ” iDevice ” the which in turn can only be managed with iTunes), iTunes does not offer a series of operations that have often been requested loudly by users, sometimes making device management a real hassle.

To fill those gaps often inconvenient for users iTunes, Chinese company Wondershare offers TunesGo, an application that promises to liberate your music, doing what iTunes cannot, and while watching the first software functionality it seems that it is a promise kept: TunesGo makes it possible, in addition to the normal functions of iTunes to transfer music from the devices to the iTunes library and even use Android devices in order to transfer songs in the library iTunes.


TunesGo is available both for Windows from 8.1 up to XP, and for Mac OS X from 10.6.8 onwards. Side mobile device the application supports iOS 5 to iOS 8.2 and Android 2.1 up to Android 5. Transactions with TunesGo are very simple and immediate, and all is manageable with an intuitive drag&drop content between libraries and devices. Once installed TunesGo is able to interface with your iTunes library and act as a bridge between it and other devices.

The ability to move freely iTunes music between devices and between different computer comes to the rescue to those who, for example: still has all his music on iPod or iPhone but lost, for some nefarious occurrence, the library resides on the system. Or even it allows you to use the extensive catalog of music service from Apple, which has over 37 million tracks, and enjoy music on an Android smartphone. TunesGo will automatically convert the music to the right format for any device.


The features offered by TunesGo do not end here, the application of Wondershare makes it possible to clean even the music library with an automated system able to identify duplication, remove traces missing and organize the artwork of the album.

With TunesGo also becomes possible to use YouTube as a source of music, with the ability to download and record music directly from YouTube or other streaming sites by inserting it in your iTunes library. It is also possible to insert tags and artwork simultaneously with the step of recording. TunesGo also allows you to easily share your playlists on social channels like Twitter and Facebook or via email, as well as the ability to search and browse the playlists of other users.

TunesGo be downloaded for free from this address in a trial version, which allows you to transfer only 10 tracks to and from library and device and does not include cleaning functions of the music library and restore from backup. The unlimited version is priced at $59.95, which entitle the user to get the lifetime support and free access to all updates: Wondershare fact is constantly working to optimize the program and introducing new features. If necessary, you can also purchase a license for a period of one year, renewable, at a cost of $39.95.