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Vernee M5: The small-sized smartphone with high performance

Sometimes the dimensions in a smartphone do not count as much as the performance actually does. The example comes from Vernee who with his M5 seems to have tried to make a small and highly ergonomic smartphone with important performances.

The latest generation of smartphones are becoming bigger in size even if ” magnification ” often does not go hand in hand with performance. Not always a phone of important dimensions obtains optimal functioning under stress. The example comes from Vernee that with its new Vernee M5 has allowed to keep a small size with an excellent design, but above all pushed a lot on the performance making it a terminal very performing.

In this case, we talk about a smartphone equipped with a high-performance 64-bit Octa-Core CPU, with 4 GB of RAM and a 64 GB internal storage with a memory expansion of up to 128 GB via MicroSD and 5.2 display inches in HD resolution.

From the video you can see how the new Vernee M5 manages to move ” Arena of Valor “, one of the most popular games at the moment but also among the most energy-consuming, without any problem of lag or slowdowns. Even the decidedly high animations of the game are displayed smoothly and without any problem. There seems to be no difference with high-end smartphones. This is clearly due to the important specifications and above all the perfect optimization of the Vernee M5.

Vernee M5At a technical level, the Vernee M5 uses a MTK 6750 processor with high performance at 64-bit Octa-Core and a peak frequency of up to 1.5 GHz. In paroles, this allows users to use the new M5 without any fear as the smartphone it always maintains an efficient operation, but at the same time it controls the energy consumption in an excellent way and keeps the device away from the heat.

Vernee M5Of the new device there are two RAM options for an internal storage of 64GB and that are equal to 4 GB. In this case, Google announced a 4GB RAM is more than enough to use a smartphone with the new Android 7.0 system. Moreover, thanks to an optimization done as it should the performance and the experience of use will only improve.

Vernee M5The Vernee M5 uses just 4 GB of RAM, but can compete with other smartphones with 6 GB of RAM. Moreover, the new VOS 1.0 interface, based on Android 7.0, has added many features, optimizing above all many details. So that even if you use multiple applications at the same time, the phone still manages to stay fast and smooth.

In addition to performance, the new Vernee M5 is suitable for those looking for excellent autonomy and in these case thanks to a 3,300 mAh battery that manages to keep the small M5 active for many hours. Combined with the energy-saving VOS 1.0 modes and the Octa-Core CPU, the smartphone allows video playback for 13 hours and standby for 240 hours.