Welcome to the future: Samsung announces two new OLED displays and transparent mirror

Samsung is showing once again a pioneer in the field of television, with two new OLED displays that seem to be taken directly from science fiction: a pattern is clear, the other mirror.

If we consider the literature of science fiction, the transparent display are often approachable to a symbolism that indicates the future. That future may not be so far away as it seems. Samsung is showing once again a pioneer in the television industry, and Hong Kong has unveiled a new OLED panel transparent. At the time though, we specify the technology is aimed at companies and not to the consumer market.

Behind the new product, we find a 55-inch OLED display with full HD resolution (1,920 x 1,080 pixels) that can be operated by voice. Thanks to Intel RealSense integrated, the system is aware of what’s happening nearby. The display integrates three-dimensional fact some cameras to offer a new level of user interaction that uses it. In short, we are talking about interactive advertising.

Samsung indeed addressed his new panel at the corporate market, offering to it a new opportunity to promote their products. Koreans expect that the new monitor can be used in transparent systems for public information or for transport but, given the likely costs of production, it is likely that we will see them especially in shops with the aim of promoting the products on sale.

Next to the transparent display, Samsung also unveiled a model Mirror, or reflective surface. Interaction technologies remain the same, as well as the possible uses: ” Together, the two technologies create a virtual fitting room that can be used to help consumers to see themselves wearing the clothing, shoes or jewelry that would buy ” .

Technology should ” significantly improve ” the shopping experience as we know it today, at least according to Samsung. Samsung OLED Mirror specifically lends itself in a particularly explicit to augmented reality, it is a place even in areas where the technology is not directly called into question. Moreover, it was not hard to imagine such diverse roles for the new field.

On the technical front, Samsung promotes the quality of new display technologies relating it to LCD currently used in the field of digital signage: Transparent OLED display Full HD has a higher color gamut (100% versus 70% of the LCD) and clarity at angles of vision extremes. It is transparent to 40%, far more than the 10% possible with the most modern model’s LCD.

samsung display mirror

The model Mirror OLED instead, in addition to the color gamut of 100%, it has a contrast ratio of a lot higher (100,000: 1 with 4,000: 1), fast response times (1ms against 8ms) and a level equal to the reflectance 75%, whereas the most common LCD stop at 25%. Both displays are currently designed for companies, but Samsung makes no secret that the ultimate goal is to get them in the homes of users.

The Mirror Display could actually replace the more traditional mirrors and having smart features, but it is a revolution that we will not see in a very short time. Samsung has not yet revealed pricing and availability of the two innovative solutions, but the production costs could be prohibitive for today think of a mass distribution in the home.