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Amazon presents Chime: The first video conferencing service that challenge Skype

Even the leader in e-commerce decides to ” go ” in the difficult world of video conferencing where Skype seems to become the main protagonist. Amazon Chime will be accessible from every operating system and also by the mobile system. Here’s how it works.

Skype has a new opponent. After Google Hangouts and Apple, FaceTime behold, the market for video conferencing services even Amazon. Yes, that’s right, just the giant of online sales has decided to expose himself even in group chat and video calls officially presenting his new Chime service.

Its main feature will be to allow users to video call their friends, to chat with them both at working level family, and everything can be done either via the desktop platform, Mac or Windows that you want, but also via Mobile with Android and iOS.

The company, during the presentation, was meant to confirm the expectations of its Chime. Above it stated how all business users, ie by subscribing Pro, will benefit from within the entire platform advantages. Yes, because thanks to the $15 payment per month will be able to make video conferences up to a maximum of up to 100 participants with the ability to schedule the conference but also record it completely both audio and video.

Amazon Chime is available also for a less Pro use in a totally free. In this case, you can use to chat and video conferencing between two users at most. Paying the sum instead of 2.50 $ per month, some limitations should be removed as the ability to share your screen or access a corporate directory. Of course, the restriction to only two users of the basic plan could make it much less attractive Amazon Chime than the competition even if the move this restriction may not be so harmful.

Security in Amazon Chime is secured by 256-bit encryption, the same that is used by the American giant also for its other Web Services. Besides, the platform also boasts broadband technology and to be reckoned with noise cancellation for the audio and thus will be clearer and better quality during video conferences. As mentioned Amazon Chime can be downloaded on any type of platform and operating system.

And already available for Windows but also for Mac and can also be downloaded on smartphones with Android and iOS.