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Facebook: Video autoplay now with active sound

Facebook announced a series of innovations on the service, including video autoplay that will be set by default with active sound. Fortunately, you can disable.

Facebook has announced a series of changes to the video platform, including a new setting that will play the video automatically with active default audio. This means that if your smartphone is not set to silent mode, and you have disabled the functionality previously in the service settings, each video of the News Feed will produce its sound as soon as it will be shown on the screen.

Facebook has specified that the sound played by the application will not interrupt other sound sources active on your smartphone, such as music from services like Spotify. The change also does not want to be contrary, users will: ” We want to respect the smartphone, ” Audio Settings said Dan Rose, vice president of partnerships for Facebook. ” If the sound is active, it will be for the application. ”

The raise change inevitably a number of doubts and questions, to which Rose has tried previously to give an answer: ” A couple of years ago when we started to automatically play videos in the News Feed users were not used to the novelty. Now they are more aware of its operation. ” It is advisable to deactivate in any case to avoid a fool or unpleasant and embarrassing situations.

To do this you must turn off the feature ” Videos in News Feed Start With Sound ” in the settings, as has specified the same company executive. Keeping the video sound on by default, Facebook hopes to capture the attention of users for a longer period of time. The videos are getting the rest of an increasingly central part of the service, with most of the latest innovations and investments that focus precisely on this area.

No matter how small it may seem, the news represents a dramatic change in the approach with videos. For example, no one would expect that the YouTube video, which makes video its pivotal point, is performed without sound default.

What is certain is that with Facebook, there is a big difference: YouTube is the user to launch the video, specifically, whereas with Zuckerberg service that does not always happen, especially when browsing the News Feed.