Apple releases new beta 3 of iOS 9, watchOS 2 and OS X 11.10 El Capitan

Continue the testing phases of the software platforms of Apple. During the day yesterday, the company has released the beta of iOS 9, OS X 11.10 El Capitan and watchOS 2.

The company of Tim Cook has released yesterday the new beta versions of the three major software platforms. They are available in the channel for developers on the official site of Apple’s new OS X build El Capitan (15A216g), iOS 9 (13A4293f) and watchOS 2 (13S5293e). These are versions designed for testing and precisely targeted for developers (who test the new code and its applications), it is not recommended for use on a daily basis.

It is still beta, unstable and optimized, and to confirm this is the long list of ” known issues “, or known issues. IOS 9 for example you cannot send audio or video to an Apple TV, while the authentication feature does not always work as intended (the first purchase on the App Store, it will be asked repeatedly to sign in). Even with Bluetooth iPhone and iPad users may experience some problems with the pairing.

There are known problems with many third-party applications, not yet optimized for the new OS. But what’s new? IOS 9 beta 3 are Apple News (US only) and Apple Music, which debuted just over a week ago on the stable version of the operating system, Mac OS and Windows. Along with the service, Apple has added the ability to enable streaming high quality even on the cellular network, feature not present, but high demand on iOS 8.4.

As for El Capitan, known issues are related to the system of two-factor authentication, and users upgrading to OS X Lion or earlier to the new version could rediscount multiple errors. There remain problems of Mail and with the use of the Time Machine backup, and the oldest content do not work with the feature of Proactive.

Unfortunately, Apple has not published the release notes for watchOS 2 and is therefore likely that the new build, there are new exciting addition to the presence of any bug fixes. The three operating systems are expected by next July, while the next beta of iOS 9 should get publicly by the end of July. The installation is however inadvisable, since they lack several months from the release of the final versions, and problems in daily use might be several.