How to convert a Word file into PDF with Mac

The Word files are the kind of documents that are created when you use the same name Microsoft Office program. This program allows you to create infinite length texts and use all types of fonts to your liking. In addition, you can change it at any time. There is a different file format (as long document) that you cannot change in any way.

This format is PDF, often used for ebooks. It is used for the books, they do not require continuous modifications. They are also lightweight and easy to use. Sometimes, though, one needs to have to convert some Word files to PDF. This is to save space, even on a not exactly capacious memory as a USB stick. Another reason may be to keep the document intact without changing it by mistake. In this guide, I will go on to list some programs to turn a Word file into PDF with Mac. So follow this guide to learn how to turn a Word file into PDF with Mac.

1.) There are several ways to convert a Word file into PDF with Mac. There are both free online services that allow the operation. There are also specific software that requires installation on your PC. In this guide, we will see both cases. I remind you, that the third-party software installation is at your decision. I recommend making sure not to install malicious viruses. After this introduction, let us begin.

2.) The first service you’re going to show is called Word to PDF Converter. It is an online service available for free (here’s the link: In order to convert a Word file to PDF, you have to click on ” Upload a file to convert”. At this point, look for the file that you want to transform and load. Wait as long as necessary and then click on ” Convert to PDF “. Wait. Once finished, you will see a button to download the PDf of the Word file that you downloaded.

3.) Let us now turn to a program to be installed. It’s called iPubsoft Word to PDF Converter and can be downloaded for free. Its operation is very simple. Once installed and running, you will get a very simple and intuitive to use. Simply upload one or more files to convert to PDF and start the process. It will take more or less time depending on the file size. A work done, the program will save the PDF in the path you have decided previously.