How to disable the sound of power the Mac

Macintosh computers are among the best IT equipment in circulation: the so-called Mac, hold in esteem the minimalist and modern design, light and fine materials, a software (MacOS) stable and very safe.

A rather high price compared to the competition, the Mac can only be real technological jewels, beautifully detailed; on the other hand, in spite of the possibilities of customization is not as large as in the competition, there are many aspects in the modified Mac: among them, the sound of power the Mac. If the accession of the sound of your Mac will bother you, and you want to disable, then this is the guide that is right for you. Let’s see, step by step, how to quickly disable the sound of power the Mac.

  • At startup, all Mac computers reproduce a characteristic sound of power; not all appreciate it, so you are not the only ones who have wondered how to disable this sound. Know that it is not difficult at all, you just know what to do, and this I will explain shortly. There are two ways: the first way to disable the classic sound of power the Mac is to put at ” Mute ” Mac before turning off; in this way, when you next restart your computer the next time, this will not issue any acoustic sound. But this is a safe mode.
  • There is, as I mentioned before, a second way to disable the ignition sound in a definitive manner. You must access the terminal MacOS. This is a permanent alternative and rather comfortable for those who cannot stand the start-up sound on your Mac. You will have access to the Terminal and run the following command (without the quotes):

sudo nvram SystemAudioVolume =

  • The command that I have shown means to be permanently logged in to the Mac’s default settings that the percentage of the volume of each individual, and the future start-up of your Mac will be equivalent to zero. The computer will be dumb and will not hear any sound of power. This second method does not always work, probably because some users have versions of MacOS too old, and this ensures that the string does not have any effect on Apple computers. If this second method does not work, you can always fall back on the first method, but remember that it must be restored before any shutdown of the Mac!

Note : Update your Mac to the latest version of MacOS.