How to uninstall applications from an iMac

The iMac system, in some ways it is slightly more complicated than the Windows operating system, because it is less commonly used and why, basically, is aimed at a more competent public computer literate. As for the application uninstall operation and programs, we can say that this operation, with the iMac is much easier than with Windows. In this guide, then we will see how to uninstall unwanted applications from an iMac, explaining it in the simplest way possible.

  • First, after you turn on your PC, you will have to leave open on your desktop. It will be necessary then open the ” Go “, present on the original iMac desktop menu. Clicking this item will open a drop-down menu, and through the different options you have to select the one that you will find at the bottom of the menu, with the words ” applications. ” The same objective can alternatively be achieved by pressing simultaneously on the keyboard cmd keys, shift and A.
  • At this point, you will get a window with icons, among which you have to select the application you want to uninstall and remove from the system. You can then simply click on the icon and drag it to the icon ” Trash. ” Again, to achieve the same goal, there is an alternative route, which is to click on the icon with the right mouse button chosen and among the voices of the opened menu select the command ” move to trash. ” Finally, to delete from your PC application you want to remove, simply click the right mouse button on the ” Recycle Bin ” and among displayed items, choose the option ” empty the trash. ” In this way, the application will be completely and permanently removed from your iMac, leaving room for other programs.
  • In addition, a viable alternative to the process just described is the use of ” AppCleaner “, a free application that allows you to clear with just one click unwanted programs. All this is to start AppCleaner and drag inside the window that opens, the icon of the program to be deleted. Once this is done, AppCleaner will play the rest of the automatic operation, permanently eliminating the chosen application from the PC. As you can see, remove an application from an iMac is clearly a simple and easy process, also suitable for those who are just starting out with this operating system.