How to combine multiple PDF files on Mac

The combination of PDF documents on an Apple computer is easy. Online there are many websites that offer the sale of software to merge PDF files without the need for a third-party program to do it (in OS X for free). OS X comes with a free app ” Preview ” call that will open automatically whenever you click on a PDF file; Preview can edit and merge PDF files. Here is how to combine multiple PDF files on Mac.

  • You can merge PDF files using the application Preview, which is supplied free with OS X. Just like you do, this will vary depending on the version of OS X you have. The concept is the same, but step by step images will have a slightly different appearance. First of all, click the version of OS X that you have been available. For all versions of OS X prior to Mountain Lion (10.7 and earlier) just follow the instructions below: Open the PDF file in Preview, open the thumbnail display ( Shift+⌘+D ). Drag a second PDF on top of one of the thumbnails in the existing page.
  • Drag the file over the thumbnail and not above it. If you drag the new PDF file below (or above the thumbnail), the existing PDF will not be united; you can only enter a thumbnail link to the PDF Drag Instead, the new PDF file on top of the existing thumbnail, so that will merge into one file.
  • To merge two separate PDF files into one document, you need to drag the new PDF on top of an existing thumbnail to view its gray border, the only way the two PDF files will be perfectly joined together (you can then save the new merged PDF). If the file, you drag in the sidebar and not on top of an existing page, the new file will be added as an external link.
  • To add an image file as a page, simply drag an image file in the Thumbnail drawer. To reorder pages of the combined PDF, simply drag and drop files into the drawer. To remove a page, select it and press the ” delete ” button. After the adjustment, open the ” File ” menu and choose one of the following options, depending on the version of OS X that you own: ” Print ” and ” Save as PDF ” (the latter option, it works in OS X El Capitan, Yosemite, Mavericks). ” Export as PDF ” option instead, which does not work reliably for merge PDF files together.