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DJI unveils new drone Matrice 200 for professional applications

Matrice 200 is the new series of professional DJI drones, characterized by a gimbal new concept which allows you to also orient upwards the camera lens.

Matrice 200 (M200) is the name of the new series of aerial drones presented by DJI and dedicated to the professional world, the aerial inspection applications and information gathering. The new M200 drones are equipped with a gimbal new concept, which allows to direct the camera lens also upwards, so as to permit inspection of structures previously difficult to access such as the underside of bridges .

The gimbal is compatible with video cameras and Zenmuse X4S and X5S, with zoom and camera Z40 with Zenmuse XT camera for thermal shooting. The drone is also provided with a front camera ” first-person view “, so that the operator can control the drone and record video independently thanks to a dual controller.

Among the safety, features are the narrow-gauge system of obstacles and an ADS-B receiver for the air-traffic information from aircraft with a pilot that may be present in the vicinity. The drones M200 series, when used in dual-battery configuration, they are able to operate in flight up to 35 minutes, with the whipped chamber. The M200 drones are IP43 certified.

Paul Guo, solutions enterprise director for DJI, comments: ” The drones have rapidly become a standard part of the equipment of enterprises and users cassette entrusted to DJI technology to gather with more efficiency in the air. With the M200 DJI series introduces a holistic solution designed specifically for these users.

We are revolutionizing the professional work possibility making use of advanced sensors in various combinations to perform sophisticated tasks such as inspecting bridges, areas of land and research missions, more simply, safer and more reliable than ever before. ”

The Matrice 200 drones are available in three versions: the M200 standard with a gimbal mount facing downwards, M210 with the possibility of various configurations (one gimbal single facing downwards, two parallel gimbal facing the boasso or the new gimbal uprising mount up) and also support third-party accessories thanks to connectivity ports, as well as any additional sensors. Finally, RTK M210 is available with D-RTK module for navigation with centimeter accuracy.

As regards the management of the drone, in addition to the DJI GO 4 app, the M200 series supports the new DJI Pilot app that is designed specifically for enterprise users, optimizing the user experience and flight performance.

You can also schedule flight paths with the GS Pro app. The app is also compatible with DJI Pilot FlightHub, a web-based software that allows you to share data remotely in real time.