The driver’s license will be on your smartphone, in Iowa, from 2015

The Iowa will be the first US state to allow its citizens to have a driver’s license on their smartphone within an app dedicated. ” There’s an app for that … “, an advertising slogan of the old iPhone, just to say that in a short our smartphone would enable us to fulfill any operation. And among these, could soon be there the possibility to insert documents of major importance as a driver’s license. The novelty will at first only for the citizens of the state of Iowa, in the United States.

The application will be available as a free download by the end of 2015: ” Based on how it develops, we may be the first in the nation, ” announced Paul Trombino, director of the Iowa Department of Transportation. The new application will not replace all the plastic card traditionally used to date, but it will be a viable alternative.

The driver can choose it if you use the digital version on your smartphone or the ” physical “. The new license will be valid on app like any other identification document, and will be accepted during stops in traffic by law enforcement officers, or agents of security and control at airports throughout the state, ” Your license will also on smartphones “, in the words of Trombino.

As for the security front, the director of the DOT has specified that access to all sensitive data will be guaranteed only after entering a PIN. The technology could be expanded in a short time also on other types of documents, as is already the case for example, with those relating to insurance. The Iowa is between thirty US states to allow bikers to show a digital proof of your insurance during stops forced by agents, and this could expand into additional categories of documents in the coming years.